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Annie Miller-CohenAnn Miller-Cohen (a.k.a. Organic Annie) has been a foodie since before it was popular. Her fascination with food started with having to avoid chocolate as a pre-schooler, because of a severe allergic reaction. She started reading food ingredient labels in grade school.

As a young mom, she and her sons were allergic to dairy products and she was also grain-sensitive. Her love for organic gardening earned her the moniker, Organic Annie.

“So began a quest for good tasting foods that were good for us too! It’s the kind of quest that calls for patience, creativity and a sense of adventure. I honestly don’t remember being discouraged because there was so much to learn about and to experiment with. It was like being on a delicious mission.”

The quest lead her to growing organic produce, teaching organic gardening, foraging for edible and medicinal foods and herbs, developing special diet recipes, running a natural products business, teaching special diet cooking classes, becoming an iridologist and natural health counselor, writing and lecturing about food and natural health.

After seven decades, she has found food to truly be the best medicine–and the safest. At 73, Ann takes no medications, and has the cardiovascular system of a teenager, per her physician. She’s an avid walker and works out regularly. She continues her yoga practice, including the Five Tibetans. Chanting and breath work are part of her daily routine. She is active in local organizations and is the editor of a county-wide publication.

Professionally, Ann is a retired Iridologist and Preventive Healthcare Counselor, specializing in dietary and lifestyle means to optimal health. She still does hands-on-healing (Reiki, Seven Rays and Diksha). Her website, www.EnlightSongs.com features many original songs she’s recorded a cappella. Also check out Annie’s SensualSavvy.com, it’s the balm.

Publications include Organic Annie’s:

Natural Health Tips and Recipes (2000)

Fresh Tastes for Breakfast (2005)

Green Gourmet Seasonal Recipes (2008)

Traditional Breakfasts with New Twists (2009)

Ann believes that self-healing can happen at any age and is an adventure for the body and mind, lead by the  spirit. As we heal ourselves, we heal our families, society and ultimately the planet.

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