Beyond Gourmet

Yes, there is something more desirable than gourmet! It’s healthy cuisine! I call it green gourmet. It’s good for you and good for the planet!

What is a Green Gourmet?

fresh_herbsGreen, in our current vernacular, means clean, environmentally aware and responsible. Green is also the color for the heart chakra. It represents love and healing. I have heard it poetically and profoundly called, “the color of the Will living in Truth”. It is also a color that the Creator has chosen for our Earth’s mantle—for the chlorophyll rich plants that support terrestrial life. It’s said that people who love green will work for free—I can attest to that! If you love your work that’s payment enough!

healthmeal_smWebster’s dictionary defines a gourmet as “an epicure: a judge of choice foods.” It is flavor, as well as wholesomeness and sustainability that make foods “choice” for the green gourmet. To eat to be our best in body, mind and spirit is to revere and celebrate the Earth and the gifts she offers to balance, maintain and heal us.

Thus a green gourmet is interested in personal and planetary health and chooses foods grown by Earth-friendly production practices, like organics and biodynamics.

chia_corn_cakesA green gourmet recognizes that you cannot improve upon nature, only perfect your knowledge and practice of her principles. So, I’m suggesting that your food be as close to its natural state as practicable, with much of it eaten raw and the rest minimally processed and/or cooked for safety, palatability and digestibility.

Over-processing food takes its heart and soul away and leaves a vacuum that sucks nutrients from us in order for our bodies to process the lifelessness. No wonder we are not satisfied—we have not been nourished on any level. In contrast, whole foods, simply prepared, by ourselves or a loved one, can nourish and satisfy mightily!

Anyone with such a global vision as a green gourmet is also a busy person, so these recipes aim to be simple and quick. Yet, I would call them “slow food” because some of them call for presoaking ingredients, sprouting or fermentation. Slow food–the movement–also embraces sustainability and stewardship of our natural resources, and honors the relationships and social institutions, the culture and history, behind preparing and sharing food.

coco_blueberrySo, a green gourmet is a health, socio-cultural and environmental activist just by the food and preparation choices s/he makes! What could be better than delicious, easy to prepare foods that enhance and maintain your health, support your values and protect the future generations of all species on this precious Earth? A green gourmet is improving the world and her/himself, one meal at a time!

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