fresh_tastes            Organic Annie’s
Fresh Tastes for Breakfast
wheat, gluten*, and dairy-free 

This beautifully illustrated book helps you to break old allergy-addictions by turning the breakfast focus away from refined sugars, grains and dairy products. What else is there? Various delicious and easy to make cereals, milk alternatives and smoothies made from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
*Most recipes are gluten-free; any gluten-containing ingredients are indicated.

Annie’s writing style is clear and her recipes are simple and quick to make–even for the beginner! Most of these recipes are uncooked, so this book has also been valuable to raw foodists and people transitioning to a raw diet, as well as those seeking to improve general health and to lose weight.

Annie introduces you to delicious and easy to make, grain-free breakfast foods like seed “sereals”.3seed_cereal

Start your day off with some of the most mouth-watering and healthy foods on the planet, not the old allergy-addictive stuff!

Published July, 2005 by Earth Angel Publishing,
Manlius, NY 13104
176 pages with color photos.
ISBN 0-9765200-0-1
(List Price: $29.95)

Price includes shipping.

A $2.00 sales tax (per copy) will be added for South Carolina residents.


                       Organic Annie’s
Traditional Breakfasts with New Twists
          wheat, gluten*, and dairy-free

This is a beautifully illustrated book that takes old favorites like pancakes, waffles, etc, and gives them a healthy new twist, one that will surely tantalize your tastebuds and ease your mind about what foods you put into your body.

Published by Earth Angel Publishing, Manlius, NY 13104

Now available as an e-book  $14.95

health_tips                   Organic Annie’s
Natural Health Tips and Recipes

This delightful little self-health guide lays a foundation for vibrant health by explaining key issues and suggestions for a variety of common problems. Includes: herbs, exercise, lifestyle, diet and outlook.

Published by Earth Angel Publishing, Manlius, NY, 2000. 72 pages.

Now available as an e-book  $9.95

                                                                  Organic Annie’s

GG_pdf_coverGreen Gourmet Seasonal Recipes
          (available as PDF or CD)

Over 400 pages of great recipes, nutrition and natural health tips also kitchen short-cuts!
Lavishly illustrated with mouth-watering color photos!

Annie presents recipes and nutritional advice in a lively and inspiring way. The clear and easy recipes will demystify wholesome eating and put you on the road to better health all year long!”

  • No wheat,  gluten or dairyGG_cd
  • Recipes galore (including Vegan)
  • Gorgeous color photos
  • Nutritional info
  • Natural and preventive health tips
  • Time-saving kitchen tips
  • Humor
  • Wild edibles foods
  • Medicinal plant identification/photos and uses
  • Product critiques
Only $19.95 (PDF)
Order your copy today!

Green Gourmet Seasonal Recipes CD $24.95


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